Sunday, April 12, 2009

Getting over pneumonia

Well, we did have pneumonia at the beginning of the week, but luckily a week later, it's pretty much gone! Still a little congestion, but not near what he had! We are very thankful it did not turn into anything serious! Braxton hasn't been eating real well lately, we're not sure what's going on, but he won't take more than about 2 bites of something, and sadly, it's baby food. He won't hardly touch anything that's real food. It's just crazy because after he got the stomach flu he started eating anything and everything in sight, now nothing. The only thing keeping him alive is his Boost Kids Essentials and some goldfish. We're just at a point where we don't know what to do! I just feel like when I try to explain it to the doctors no one really believes me that he does not eat. I'm not making it up or exaggerating, the child just does not eat. I am starting to worry just a little about his vocabulary, but I still think we're doing pretty good. Braxton's so smart, he catches on to stuff so quickly it just blows your mind. We are just thankful everyday for our blessing. Luke's been working out of town almost every week for the past almost 5 weeks now. It's tough not having him here, but he's doing the best he possibly can for our family. We miss him so much, but it's so nice when he's here. That's really about it, other than this semester for me is almost over!! YEA!!! But one of my summer classes starts like May 26...ARE YOU SERIOUS! Hopefully I'll survive the 12 hours I have doomed myself with! Take care, and God bless!


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