Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Growing everyday!

We have a couple of new words to add to Braxton's vocabulary. Puppy, a lion's roar, and pig snorts! haha It's just hysterical! We had to go stay at Aunt Amber's today because mom and dad were getting wood floors put in, so we got to experience a different surrounding ALL DAY! We had a good time, eventhough poor little Braxton's head found Amber's counter a couple of times. He ate non stop all day long! Cheetos of course!

We had a great weekend, we went to see Luke's sister and brother in law and our nephews in Deleon for our nephews' birthdays. We had a blast! We were only supposed to stay for one night, but ended up staying the entire weekend!! I even experienced Bingo for the first time!! I didn't win of course, but it was so much stinking fun! Flamingo Bingo in Stephenville =) Also, if you're ever driving through Deleon you have got to stop at The Scarlet Ibis, but be prepared to buy because they have so much CUTE stuff! It's right off main street in downtown Deleon, in the same row of stores as the old Blue Moon Cafe. Anyways, long story short, we had the best time ever!!

I am officially a senior in college....WOO HOO!!! I never thought I'd be able to say that, but I AM!!! I will actually graduate in the summer of 2010 if all goes right! I will have my BS in Criminal Justice, and I can find a job! haha Not to brag, but ok I'm going to, I made the Dean's List last semester, and I just got 3 A's again this past semester! I'm really working hard, and it's so nice to see it paying off!

Luke is still loving Brazos, he's been in town this week, thank goodness! I've gotten used to him being out of town, but it's so nice when he's actually able to be here!

Hope everyone's doing well, oh Braxton can finally turn around in his car seat!! YES!!! hahaha


The Jarvis Family said...

He is so darn cute and I just think your little family is soooooooooooo dang sweet

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